Championship Points Available

Don't forget that your results at Cairngorm can earn you points for the SCA Championship.

CSEx is the third race in the series, with the others being;

SCA Champs to Climax at CSEx2011

As if the prospect of being crowned King of the Mountain at CSEx2011 is not enough, teams will also be competing for glory in the SCA Championship. This is a multi-event competition held over the four main cartie races in Scotland, with CSEx forming the final round.

Alford Confirmed as SCA Champ

Alford Gravity Racing at CSEx2010Alford Gravity Racing have been confirmed as the winner of the first SCA Championship after their performance at CSEx2010, narrowly beating Team Rooket and Crockle. The Cheats were the undefeated champions in the sidecar class.
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