Registration and Scrutineering

In order to reduce our workload on the day we’re going to do as much as possible online. To this end we have created some online forms to gather technical and competitor information. ALL teams need to submit these forms by Monday 9th July.

ALL drivers/riders/passengers etc must complete the Competitor Registration and Waiver Agreement Form prior to Monday 9th July 2012. This form is to collect medical information, next of kin and emergency contact information for all competitors. Please pass this link on to anyone in your team who you expect to be racing at CSEx2012 and get them to complete the online registration as soon as possible. No form = no race. No exceptions. No kidding.

In addition, soapbox and gravity sidecar teams need to complete either the Soapbox Cartie Pre-Scrutineering form or the Gravity Sidecar Pre-Scrutineering form. This information helps us to highlight any issues well in advance so we are not put in the unpleasant position of not being able to allow you to take part on the day.