2012 Tech' Spec' Published

The technical specification for the Soapbox Cartie and Gravity Sidecar classes for Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme 2012 are now available for download. We hope to have entry forms available online within the next two weeks.

They have both been revised from last year - substantially so in the case of the soapbox rules - so competitors should read them thoroughly to ensure they are eligible to compete.

The changes have been  made primarily to increase safety without unduly affecting the nature of the event and without making it prohibitively expensive to organise. The changes are relatively easy to achieve for existing machines and are also 'reversible' so will not put teams at a disadvantage at other events. The main changes are;

  • Minimum tyre widths
  • No plastic wheels
  • No removable ballast allowed (soapbox only)
  • Mandatory "drag plate" (soapbox only)
  • 'Left hand' sidecars only
  • Better brakes required
  • Rear tow rope centraliser and teams provide own tow rope

We estimate that these changes will mean the maximum speeds achieved will be around 65mph, which is the speeds being achieved in 2010 and still faster than anywhere else in the UK. We also plan to review the use of the drag plate after the practice and qualifying sessions on day one, and may allow it to be removed on the second day.