Cairngorm Soapbox Just Got Bigger!

We were totally taken aback last November when all 32 places for CSEx2011 were snapped up in under 48 hours. We know CSEx is special, but even so it was nice and just very slightly frightening to find that after just two years we have built a race that attracts competitors from the other side of the Atlantic!

Even with the list completely full we still kept getting new teams joining the reserves list in case any spaces became available, and since we don't like to disappoint all those people we went back to our plans and schedules to see if we could squeeze in any more. The conclusion was that yes, we probably can. Just. So we've expanded the entry list from 32 to 40. The first 8 teams on the reserve list have been notified that there is now a place for them and that they have until 14th February to confirm they still want it. Thereafter, any places still not spoken for will be offered to the remaining 5 in the order shown on the competitor list.

New teams can still register, and will be added to the end of the reserve list.