Be Part of CSEx2011 and CSEx2012!

Although CSEx is now full, there is still chance for you to get involved. We are looking for tow vehicles and drivers and volunteers to help marshall the course from 5 until about 10.30 on Friday 1st and/or Saturday 2nd July.

The duties are quite straightforward and you'll be given a full briefing and all the necessary equipment and you'll also get a great trackside view of the action.

We need;

  • Marshalls: fully formed responsible adults please
  • Tow vehicles and drivers: nice grunty vehicles capable of towing ~1600Kg uphill.

If you volunteer as a marshall, you'll get some flags, a whistle and a walkie talkie to play with and a nice bright waistcoat to wear. In addition, you'll receive an exclusive commemorative tee shirt (see below) which is guaranteed to earn you the respect of cartie racers the world over and make you irresistible to members of the opposite sex*. You’ll also get a snack each evening – probably some crisps, some form of meat and pastry based food product, a choccy bar, a carton of juice and (since it’ll be my wife buying it) some fresh fruit.There will probably be some stickers and badges too.

In addition – you'll get first refusal on a place at CSEx2012. This year's entries sold out the day after they were put online in November, so if you want to race next year this is a good way to make sure you don't miss out.

We also need some big grunty vehicles to tow the carties back up the course. If you have something suitable and someone who can drive it, please let us know. The vehicle needs to be capable of towing ~1600Kg up the Cairngorm Ski Road, so an ordinary family saloon is not really suitable. We’ll give the tow drivers all the tee shirts, stickers, fresh fruit etc that the marshalls get, plus a contribution to your fuel expenses.

If you or your organisation would like to help out, then please either get in touch via our contact page or phone 07814 195346.


* Also requires charm and charisma - not supplied.

Tee Shirt

Tee shirt (back)