Full Speed Gun Data Online

The SCA's speed gun was deployed at CSEx2010 to take the measurements to decide who would take the "Flying Scotsman" award, and also to provide an objective measure to balance some of the more fanciful claims made by the drivers. The data collected as the competitors accelerated towards the Dead Tree bend give a fascinating insight into the performance range of the competitors. C12 was the clear winner, with a top speed of 64mph and an average of 60.6.

These data don't show the highest speeds on the course - just the highest measured speeds. The speed gun was positioned just before Dead Tree bend, targeting competitors as they accelerated towards the fastest part of the course. As the carties accelerated towards the speed gun, the speed readings would be increasingly affected by the cosine effect and so readings would tend to be slightly underestimated.The actual maximum speedof each competitor can reasonably be assumed to have been a few mph faster than the readings taken from the speed gun.

The full results can be found here.