Full Results Published

The full results from CSEx2010 are attached below. With the number of delays due to the various racing incidents and the consequent truncation of the event, unfortunately it wasn't possible to run all of the consolation finals. The number of retirements also complicated things, with several teams going through to the next round by default by the simple fact of being the only ones still running from their heat.

Those teams that did not take part in the final have been grouped by the stage of the competition at which they were eliminated, so (e.g.) those who went out in the semi finals finish above those who were eliminated at the quarter finals. Qualifying times have been used to differentiate the teams within this groupings. Please let us know if you spot any mistakes.


  1. C12 
  2. The Devil's Rejects
  3. Centa Bavaria

Gravity Sidecar

  1. The Cheats
  2. Team CC
  3. Bush Racing

Furthest Travelled

C12 (534 miles)

Flying Scotsman

C12 (64mph)

CSE2010 Results and Placings68.77 KB