Cartie Carnage at Cairngorm

The first aid team were kept busy at CSEx2010 as a string of racers crashed at the most fearsome corner of the course - "The Switch". Its complicated combination of right hand off camber, blind apex entry followed by sharp switch to an open left hand bend caught out cartie after cartie as they drifted towards the bales, which almost seemed magnetic at times. Thankfully there were no serious injuries and all the victims were treated at the scene.

C12 eventually won the "King of the Mountain" trophy after a superb effort over the weekend. The Devil's Rejects put in a massive effort to repair their cart after damaging it in the practice session, and were rewarded with a well deserved second place. Centa Bavaria were third. Graeme Cusine and Maurice Coull, aka "The Cheats", won the sidecar class. C12's Steve Thomas also won the "Flying Scotsman" award for the highest speed when he passed the speed trap at 64mph, and to complete his haul of trophies he also got the "Furthest Travelled" for driving 534 miles from Wiltshire to compete.

Full results soon. See Aaron Sheddon's Gallery on Flickr for some stunning action shots.