The Course


Total Length: 2905m

Elevation at Start (B): 542m

Elevation at Finish (A): 347m

Total Drop: 195m

Average Gradient: 1 in 15

Maximum Gradient: 1 in 6

Estimated Top Speed: 60+ mph

The course for Cairngorm Soapbox Extreme is currently the longest and fastest in the country. Speeds in excess of 60mph are easily possible and some have recorded speeds over 70mph. There are significant bends which are approached at high speed. The most challenging section of the course is "The Switch" - a brutal right-left combination with a blind off camber apex which is approached at around 50mph. There is also long section immediately after The Switch which is almost level and very slightly uphill in places, and some carties will struggle to reach the end of this without stopping. (Fortunately we'll allow you a wee push to get you going again).

The course is NOT suitable for novelty carties. This is not a sedate trundle down your local village high street. It is a full on race down a mountain. If you make a mistake, there is a risk of serious injury or even death.

See below for a detailed map, onboard camera footage, and an estimated speed profile of the course.

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Course Profile

Course profile, showing elevation (purple) and estimated speed (green) derived using SCA CartieSim. Click on the graph for a larger version.